Recycling & Trash Service

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Recycling comes to Eagle!
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For service-related issues, contact Vail Honeywagon:
970-476-3511 or
For billing issues, call the Town at 328-6354

Recycling Highlights
When & Where:
Recycling pick-ups are made every other week on the same day as your trash collection. Be sure to have your recycling on the curb by 8am.

Find your trash and recycle schedule here. 

Recycling Instructions:
Bin # 1: Place Newspaper (including inserts), office paper, magazines, and envelopes in the bin. On windy days cover the paper so it will not be blown around. NO paper board (cereal boxes), cardboard, Tyvek envelopes, phonebooks, plastic bags or trash

Bin # 2: Co-mingled Glass, Plastics, and Aluminum

Glass - Please remove the lids and rinse the bottles and jars. All colors of glass are currently accepted. No ceramics, light bulbs, plate glass, or glassware.

Aluminum Cans - All aluminum or steel food cans. Please rinse and flatten.

Plastics - Can recycle plastics #1-7. Please rinse and remove lids. Flatten large containers.

What is hazardous waste? Click here

The following items should not be placed into the container:
  • Motor Oil
  • Hazardous Waste (details)
  • Liquid paint
  • Needles or syringes
  • Cooking oil (can be disposed of if solidified)
  • Loose or hot ashes