Posted on: April 18, 2017

Message from Eagle PD Regarding Eagle Valley Middle School

Please be advised that the Eagle Police Department has been working with administrators at our Eagle Valley Middle School following an anonymous report, which necessitated an investigative inquiry by the school and police department last Thursday. As the inquiry proceeded, various students were contacted after notifications were made to their respective guardians. It was determined that no students were in danger.

Over the course of this inquiry, there were other circumstances which governed the use of emergency responders and emergency vehicles parked at Eagle Valley Middle School, which included a medical transport and a planned fire drill.

Due to the incident last Thursday and presence of emergency vehicles at our school this week, Eagle Valley Middle School administrators have become aware of several rumors circulating in our community which have no merit. These rumors have caused unnecessary anxiety for some parents, who have contacted Eagle Valley Middle School. We wish to assist our middle school with dispelling these false rumors and ask for assistance with proper intervention, if these rumors are overheard in a conversation, or noted on social media posts or shared by a student. The rumors that are false include the following:

  • It is not true that a student possessed knives and brandished knives at school last week
  • It is not true that a student ran from police officers
  • It is not true that a student was arrested and taken out of the school in handcuffs
  • It is not true that weapons and/or drugs were seized from a locker during a locker search last week
  • It is not true that the anonymous report focused on anti-Semitism remarks
  • It is not true that a student was severely injured in a fight on school grounds which required an ambulance

Please feel free to contact Eagle Valley Middle School Principal Katie Jarnot if there are any other concerns.

The Eagle Police Department supports effective communication and reporting of unsafe school behavior to teachers, administrators or via use of the Safe2Tell reporting process. Safe2Tell is an anonymous tip line that anyone can access via text, call or online. Eagle Valley Middle School encourages students to raise any concerning or frightening situation to school staff or through the Safe2Tell call center at 877-542-7233 or via on-line at Safe2Tell.org.

Safe2Tell calls are completely anonymous. Schools are informed immediately if a “tip” involves a school so that school administrators can respond quickly and appropriately based on the situation.


Eagle Police


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