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Employment Application

Information/Visitor's Center Part Time Worker

Unique part-time job in Eagle for an outgoing personality. Two days per week, one of which is a weekend day. Knowledge of the area and some retail experience helpful. This position requires a person who meets the public with enthusiasm, and genuinely wants to assist our visitors with a myriad of requests we receive from them.
Attributes we are seeking:

  • outgoing personality - high energy
  • someone who smiles A LOT
  • must be able to accurately communicate directions, weather concerns, other information vital to travelers
  • someone who has some knowledge of the immediate area and of surrounding areas is helpful
  • since this is also a retail shop, someone who can learn the register and handle money
  • must have a willingness to "pitch in" to complete all the little responsibilities, such as marking product, restocking product, dusting shelves, etc.

The pay will not make you wealthy, but the conversations and kindnesses you will experience, interesting people you will meet, and the honor to represent the Town of Eagle to people across the globe will possibly make this your favorite job ever!

If interested, please complete the above Employment Application and contact Barbara Meese at 970-280-5200 or