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Hernage Trail Exhibits

Planning & Zoning Public Comment

Hernage Trail

Exhibit Name Date 
Exhibit 1 John Cook 21-Jul-12
Exhibit 2 Charles Dolan 24-Jul-12
Exhibit 3 Michael & Jill Bradshaw 25-Jul-12
Exhibit 4 Cody O'Kelly 27-Jul-12
Exhibit 5 Ben Zeeb 27-Jul-12
Exhibit 6 Sam Decker 30-Jul-12
Exhibit 7 Shelley Gile & Michael Sanner 2-Aug-12
Exhibit 8 Gigi Barrie 4-Aug-12
Exhibit 9 Vail Daily 9-Aug-12
Exhibit 10 Austin & Teresa Thomas 8-Aug-12
Exhibit 11 Neil Arney 13-Aug-12
Exhibit 12 John Cook 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 13 Charles Dolan 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 14 Michael & Jill Bradshaw 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 15 Cody O'Kelly 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 16 Ben Zeeb 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 17 Sam Decker 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 18 Shelley Gile & Michael Sanner 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 19 Austin & Teresa Thomas 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 20 Craig Wescoatt 13-Aug-12
Exhibit 21 Phil & Jean Frank 12-Aug-12
Exhibit 22 John & Marianne Cochran 20-Jul-12
Exhibit 22b Cochran Photo 21-Aug-12 
Exhibit 23 Ken Dammen 13-Aug-12
Exhibit 24 Neil Arney 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 25 Parks & Wildlife 13-Aug-12
Exhibit 26 John Switala 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 27 Matthew Sauer 14-Aug-12
Exhibit 28 Economic Impacts of Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife Watching in Colorado 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 29 Effects of Off-Road Recreation on Mule Deer & Elk 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 30 Behavioral Responses of North American Elk to Recreational Activity 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 31 Wildlife Responses to Pedestrians and Dogs 15-Aug-12
Exhibit 32 Robb Hamina 16-Aug-12
Exhibit 33 Bob Sanntag 16-Aug-12
Exhibit 34 Neil Arney 16-Aug-12
Exhibit 35 TOE Open Space Travel Management Plan 16-Aug-12
Exhibit 36 Brian Ingoldsby 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 37 Joe Baumgardner 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 38 Kim & Richard McGhee 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 39 Dave Wilkison 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 40 Linda Wescoatt 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 41 Laura Turitz 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 42 David Dempsey 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 43 Markus Mueller 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 44 Matthew Sauer 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 45 Steve Peck 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 46 Amy Peck 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 47 Bob Turitz 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 48 Craig Wescoatt 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 49 Matt Herr 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 50 Patrick Hasselback 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 51 Peter Davis 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 52 Chris Kehmeier 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 53 Caren Davis 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 54 Nicholas Brummer 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 55 Heather Cunningham 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 56 Karl Lundgren 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 57 Chris Kehmeier 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 58 Reproductive Success of Elk following Disturbance by Humans during Calving Season 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 59 Effects of Recreation on Rocky Mountain Wildlife 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 60 BLM Letter from Steve Bennett 9-Jul-12
Exhibit 61 Kim Doss 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 62 Grant Herzog 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 63 Eric Moser 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 64 David & Missy McDonald 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 65 Sarah Brubeck 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 66 Amber Moran 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 67 Peter Lombardi 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 68 Ted Gould 17-Aug-12
Exhibit 69 Mike Skillion 20-Aug-12
Exhibit 70 John Martin 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 71 Chris Kehmeier 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 72 Natural Resource Impacts of Mountain Biking 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 73 Economic Benefits of Open Space, Recreation Facilities and Walkable Community Deisgn 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 74 Why We Need Trails and Open Space 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 75 Jackson Hole Trails Project Economic Impact Study 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 76 The Economic Value of Public Lands in Grand County, Utah 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 77 Jim Newsom 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 78 Neil Barham 23-Aug-12
Exhibit 79 Pam Boyd 23-Aug-12
Exhibit 80 Barbara Allen 28-Aug-12
Exhibit 81 John Switala 23-Aug-12
Exhibit 82 John Martin 20-Aug-12
Exhibit 83 Mike Skellion 20-Aug-12
Exhibit 84 Marty Treadway 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 85 Kari McDowell Schroeder 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 86 Matthew Sauer 21-Aug-12
Exhibit 87 Scott Lingle 22-Aug-12
Exhibit 88 Eric Moser 29-Aug-12
Exhibit 89 Katherine Delanoy 29-Aug-12
Exhibit 90 Debra Earl 28-Aug-12
Exhibit 91 John Switala 28-Aug-12
Exhibit 92 Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife 27-Aug-12
Exhibit 93 Matt Sauer 9/4/2012
Exhibit 94 Neil Arney 9/3/2012
Exhibit 95 Adam Palmer 9/4/2012