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Sustainability Defined
United Nations: "Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Simple: A system is sustainable when its operation does not break it down over time. In other words, resources that are consumed are replenished.

Example: The water cycle is a sustainable system because water that evaporates from the oceans and lakes eventually makes it back down in rain and snow.

Counter-example: Less than 1% of the world's water is available for human use. Using this small amount of water to drink, irrigate, clean, etc.. and not replenishing its supply will deplete this resource making none available for human use. Since we can't drink salt water, the system would break down and not be sustained. Triple Bottom Line: In business, 1 approach to sustainability is focusing on the impact of decisions on the environment and the community in addition to profit (traditional single bottom line). The diagram below illustrates this idea.
The 2007 Eagle resident survey showed that 45% of the respondents wanted a curbside recycling program even if it meant an increase in the trash bill. The Town responded, and since April 1, 2009 Eagle residents have been recycling their paper and commingled materials right at the curb. Two green recycling bins were delivered by Vail Honeywagon, which took over the trash collection and will be providing the recycling services, to all single-family residences and smaller town home units. A calendar of service dates and holidays was delivered along with the bins and is available on the Honeywagon website.

Since April 2009 the curbside recycling program has reduced the amount of trash taken to the landfill by more than 13%. Recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as your trash. Cardboard will not be picked up at the curbside and needs to be taken to the drop-off facility located at the Public Works Facility at 1050 Chambers Avenue. The Town Public Works Shop will continue to accept used motor oil. Yard waste can be brought to the Waste Water Treatment plant on Violet Lane just west of the Sylvan Lake Road roundabout.

The Town of Eagle Public Works Department does its share by recycling asphalt and concrete during reconstruction projects. Please visit our recycling page for more resources, education, and fun with recycling.