Eagle Area Open Lands Conservation Plan

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Protecting the open lands that define the rural character of Eagle is a major challenge that currently faces area residents. The Eagle Area Open Lands Conservation Plan outlines a collaborative approach to protecting sensitive natural, scenic, and cultural resources, and promoting compatible land use practices. The Plan comes at a time when the Town of Eagle is highly aware of the critical relationship between continued quality of the community and the ability to protect and conserve invaluable local amenities such as the agriculture, wildlife, and view sheds. This Plan serves as a guiding framework for identifying areas to be protected and conserved, and for establishing tools that enable the accomplishment of the Plan.

This Plan is the result of an eight month effort to develop an appropriate and effective framework for protecting the special landscape of the Eagle community. The generation of this document relied heavily upon a multi-interest steering committee of citizens, elected officials, and Eagle area residents in identifying criteria and resources for conservation and appropriate strategies to protect lands of special significance.