Sustainability Legislation

Please check the summary of Colorado legislation for any updates on the information below.
Colorado House Bill 08 - 1270.

Prevents the prohibition or restrictions on installation of renewable energy devices, such as solar panel and wind turbines.

Prevents the prohibition of installation of energy efficiency measures, such as:
  • An awning, shutter, trellis, ramada or other shade structure
  • A garage or attic fan
  • An evaporative cooler
  • Energy efficient outdoor lighting device, such as a motion detector or CFL bulb
  • A retractable clothesline
Colorado House Bill 09-1149
Requires homebuilders to offer buyers the opportunity to install one of the following:
  • a photovoltaic solar or solar thermal system;
  • upgrades of wiring or plumbing or systems; or
  • a chase or conduit constructed to allow ease of future installation of the necessary wiring or plumbing for such systems.
Homebuilders are required to provide every buyer under contract with a list of solar installers who can assess the home's solar energy generation potential.

Colorado Senate Bill 09-080

Allows for the collection of precipitation from up to 3,000 square feet of a roof of a residence that is not connected to a domestic water system that serves more than 3 single-family dwellings.

The collected water may be used for ordinary household purposes, fire protection, watering of animals and livestock, and irrigation of up to 1 acre of gardens and lawns.

A person wanting to capture rooftop precipitation must submit an application for a permit and pay a fee to the state engineer.