Eco Transit

eco transport

Traveling is great! It's how we see the world and learn about other cultures, creating a better understanding and open-mindedness. When possible, make adjustments in your everyday life to cut back on your carbon footprint.

  • A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
  • If you use an EV car it produces less GHG emissions than a gas powered car. Especially if you use it for the entirety of its life. This includes the calculation of creation, distribution, and battery.  
  • You can calculate your carbon footprint here.
  • Consider offsetting your carbon footprint with the Colorado Carbon Fund license plate.
  • EPA's Green Vehicle Guide provides information on most new cars and the most efficient and environmentally friendly models
  • Do not leave your car idling for more than 10 seconds. For every 2 minutes of idling, the car uses as much gas as it takes to drive a mile.
  • Of course, carpool, ride your bike, walk, and take public transportation when you can.
  • Please take a look at these HUGE Colorado State and Federal tax credits for EV cars!

Want to increase EV Chargers at your place of work? Click here for Holy Cross' "Charge at Work" information.

Want a charger at you home? Click here for rebates and information from Holy Cross.