Transportation & Travel

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  • Average American produces 20 tons of CO2 annually
  • You can calculate your carbon footprint here
  • SUVs produces 40% more emissions than passenger cars
  • Driving a car is the single most polluting thing that we do
  • EPA's Green Vehicle Guide provides information on most new cars and the most efficient and environmentally friendly models
  • Drive less
  • Walk, bike, or use public transit
  • Combine errands in a single trip
  • Do not leave your car idling for more than 10 seconds
  • For every 2 minutes of idling the car uses as much gas as it takes to drive a mile
  • Be environmentally minded when on vacation
  • Vacation closer to home
  • Follow more sustainable tourism practices
  • Support local businesses
  • Try to substitute cruise vacations for ones of a lesser impact
  • Planes have similar emissions to cars but at higher altitude they are 3 times more harmful