Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and family to make memories and embrace community. Having fun and being around loved ones is important for mental wellbeing. Here are a few tips and tricks to help spread the love, sustainably. 

  • Consider hand making gifts, finding new items at a thrift store/Facebook Marketplace, or looking into environmentally friendly gifts. Ideas to spark creativity:
    • Purchase an experience
    • Reusable beeswax food wrap
    • Reusable produce bags
    • Pencils with seeds at the tip to plant once the pencil is used up
    • Recycled notebook
    • Indoor mini garden
    • Meal subscription
    • Outdoor games/equipment
    • Solar powered phone charger
    • Recycled glass birth month flower vase
    • Socks that plant trees
    • Sea glass necklace made from recycled glass bottles
    • Natural lip balm/facial mask/beauty products
    • Local made wine/beer

Valentines Day

  • For jewelry, think about local or hand crafted items. Make sure if diamonds are involved they are ethically sourced.
  • Look for fair trade chocolate
  • Consider a handmade card!
  • A potted plant lasts longer and your valentine can always remember the special day when looking at the plant.
  • If you want a bouquet, check out our local nurseries!
  • Organic wine is also a great touch
  • Bring back handmade coupons


  • Avoid the plastic eggs if you can. If not, try to reuse them every year. 
  • Try fillable paper Easter eggs that you can decorate and compost once finished.
  • If dying Easter eggs, especially if you are eating them, try to purchase local eggs or pasture raised.
  • Consider naturally dying eggs with other foods, such as beets and turmeric. 
  • Thrift for an Easter basket and décor

4th of July/Patriotic Holidays

  • Reuse decorations
  • Use reusable dishware
  • Choose ethically sourced meat and add in more vegetarian options to cut back on CO2 food emissions
  • Attend community fireworks/light shows instead of hosting your own
  • Compost your food


  • Avoid candy with artificial dye, especially Red 40, and Yellow 5.
  • Find costumes at a thrift store or have fun making your own
  • Look for biodegradable eco glitter for makeup
  • Be careful with cheap plastic Halloween costume pieces such as vampire teeth, as they often are made with toxic PVC


  • Look for ethically sourced meat
  • Bring food storage for people to take home leftovers, or encourage others to bring their own
  • Try to choose organic
  • Make more items from scratch to cut back on production of packaged food
  • Compost


  • Use LED holiday lights to save on energy
  • Artificial trees are commonly made with PVC or polyethylene plastics which are toxic to produce
  • Consider getting a permit to cut down your own tree
  • Look for recycled wrapping paper, find some at the thrift store, or reuse Christmas bags
  • There is also compostable wrapping paper, but make sure rip off the tape before composting
  • Send forest-friendly or plantable Christmas cards
  • Avoid glittery decorations and accessory due to microplastics
  • Invest in a reusable advent calendar

New Years Eve

  • Think about purchasing your outfit at a thrifty store, consignment shop, or rent online
  • If throwing a party, go electronic for party invites
  • Make sure to use reusable decorations- "Happy New Year" vs "Happy 20[XX]"
  • Ditch the balloons and go for paper lanterns that can be recycled
  • Instead of sparklers, consider using bubbles or paper confetti.