Haymeadow Development

Haymeadow Site Plan.jpg
Haymeadow Proposal at a Glance
  • The 660-acre property is located east and south of the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink parcel.
  • The Haymeadow Development will consist of a total of 837 units (not including Accessory Dwelling Units). This will include a mix of condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and single family homes (344 multi-family units and 493 single family/duplex units). For comparison, the Eagle Ranch approval was for 1,290 units on 1,968 acres.
  • There is no commercial component to the Haymeadow Development.
  • The Haymeadow Development will consist of 5 neighborhoods: Neighborhood A1, Neighborhood A2, Neighborhood B, Neighborhood C and Neighborhood D. Neighborhood A1 will be the first phase of the project to be constructed because of its proximity to the existing parts of town. Neighborhood A1 will include 146 multi-family units and 82 single family homes/duplex units for a total of 228 units.
  • While the Haymeadow Development does not have a strict phasing plan, the Developer’s intent is to phase the project sequentially from Neighborhood A to Neighborhood B and/or Neighborhood C and then onto Neighborhood D. The Developer is projecting the build-out of the project to take 17-20 years.
  • Roughly 56% (approximately 372 acres) of the total site area will be retained as natural open space, developed parks, or trail corridors. 335 acres will be dedicated for passive open space and trail corridors and approximately 37 acres for park purposes.
  • An existing, 500-foot-wide “Willow Tree Corridor” that runs north to south on the property will be preserved. Additionally, similar “Willow Tree Corridors” will be repeated in 2 other locations as dominate features for the development.
  • A “wildlife movement corridor” is located on the eastern property boundary. The corridor ranges from 500 feet to 1,000 feet wide as it extends north and south across the property. According to the Developer, the corridor plan was developed in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife to address deer and elk impacts.
  • The development will not extend into the hills above the current irrigated pasture lands. The hills will be preserved as open space and wildlife habitat.
  • The project’s primary access will be from Sylvan Lake Road. The existing Brush Creek Road alignment will remain in place and will connect to the Haymeadow Development at 2 locations.
  • The Developer will be required to make off-site roadway improvements to accommodate traffic from the development. One of the off-site improvements will be the construction of the “Brush Creek Road Extension.” The “Brush Creek Road Extension” will connect the existing Brush Creek Rd/Capitol St intersection to US Highway 6. The “Brush Creek Road Extension” is scheduled to occur 5 years from the first house constructed within the Haymeadow Development.

Project Amenities

  • 32.7 acres will be dedicated to the Town for a combined School and Recreation Site. Approximately 16 acres will be allocated for school purposes and approximately 16.7 acres will be allocated for recreation purposes.
  • The Town will have a roughly 36.4 acres recreation site with the addition of the Haymeadow Recreation Site to the existing Pool and Ice Rink property.
  • The intent of the 16 acres school site is to accommodate a new K-8 facility.
  • 11 miles of new trails will be built and incorporated into Eagle's existing trail system. The Boneyard and other U.S. Bureau of Land Management trails could be accessed from the property.
  • A 20.5 acres Community Park will be dedicated to the Town and will provide parking for bicyclists, bathroom/changing area and a park and playground area.
  • The Community Park will include several ponds that will serve both as park amenities, as well as part of the non-potable water system.
  • A new community pavilion building will be constructed as one of the Community Park amenities.
  • Approximately 1.7 acres will be dedicated to the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District for a new fire station. The new fire station will be located adjacent to the Community Park at the proposed intersection of Ouzel Lane and Brush Creek Road.