Economic Impact Report: BBC Research and Consulting has estimated the new jobs and other economic impacts of construction and operation of the proposed Eagle River Station (ERS) mixed use development. Our analysis considers the effects on employment, labor income and output (gross receipts) in Eagle County and the State of Colorado as a whole.

Fiscal Impact Analysis: This analysis quantifies the fiscal effects of the prospective development of the Eagle River Station (ERS) property within the Town of Eagle, Colorado. General observations about the Town’s financial structure and the effects of community growth and development are also provided at the end of this letter report.

Incremental Revenues vs. Incremental Costs
General Fund
First Phase

1.6% Sales Tax Revenue                                      $2,100,000
Incremental costs by Town for operations               $606,000
Increase in Town discretionary income                    $1,494,000

Average Year—Full Build-out                      
1.6% Sales Tax Revenue                                       $3,300,000
Incremental Cost by Town for operations                 $780,000
Increase in Town discretionary Income                    $2,520,000         

Water Fund
New Plant Investment Fee Ordinance requires partial pre-paid tap fees for larger developments
Purpose is to lower risk to existing rate payers for constructing additional treatment capacity
Eagle River Station is required to pay up-front tap fees of:                            $2,230,000
Additional water tap fees collected at building permit                                   $1,486,000
Total estimated water tap fees                                                                  $3,717,000

Wastewater Fund
Town to collect 75% tap fees up-front                                                         $3,982,500
Purpose is to stabilize wastewater fund and take pressure off of monthly rates