Castle Peak Senior Care Community

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Castle Peak Senior Care Community Proposal at a Glance
Located at the intersection of Sylvan Lake Road and Capitol Street near the Eagle Ranch Village.
The first phase of the proposed Senior Housing Community will include:
1. A Commons Building that will house:
a. A Cafeteria
b. A Recreation/Fitness Room
c. Social Gathering Space
d. 20 Assisted Living Apartments
(An environment where people are not in need of 24-hour skilled nursing care but do need 24-
hour observation and monitoring by non-licensed professional care givers. Each resident would
have a private apartment with separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and living space)

2. A Skilled Nursing Facility that will house:
a. 12 Memory Care Suites
(A secure environment for people that have dementia related diseases and are at risk of
b. 10 Transitional Care Suites
(An environment where people no longer need acute care but are in need of 24-hour nursing care and
intensive therapy in order to return home. Average length of stay would be less than 90 days)
c. 22 Nursing Care Beds
(An environment for people with chronic care conditions. Residents find it difficult to manage in their
own homes and need 24-hour supportive services by licensed professionals. Two rooms could be
designated for in patient hospice care)
Augustana Care, a non-profit organization with over 1,200 employees that owns and manages over 800 nursing home beds and 1,100 senior housing units, has participated in the design of the Castle Peak Senior Care Community and has been selected to own and manage the facility.