Active Land Use Applications

Below is a listing of all active land use applications in the Town of Eagle.  Look for the "Public Hearing Schedule" to find out when a specific application is scheduled to be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission or the Town Board of Trustees.  This information will be updated regularly as part of the Town of Eagle's commitment to transparency and community engagement.  For more information or if you have any question about a land use file or long-range project please feel free to contact the Town Staff Member(s) noted below.  

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Red Mountain Ranch
Project Name: Red Mountain Ranch Annexation, Planned Unit Development, and Preliminary Plan/Final Plat
File Number: AN17-01, PUD18-01 & PPFP19-01
Location: Town of Eagle
Staff Contact:Carrie McCool or call (970) 328-9651
Description:  Annexation; Planned Unit Development (PUD) for a maximum of 153 dwelling units of various types, limited commercial areas, and open space/park areas; Preliminary Plan/Final Plat to create seven parcels to align with the seven planning areas in the PUD as well as designate two open space parcels in Planning Area 1 and two open space parcels in Planning Area 5B to be designated as fee simple parcels at time of annexation; and Site Specific Development Plan (vesting of property rights).
Public Hearing Schedule:
   º  Planning & Zoning Commission (PUD Hearing) - February 19, 2019
   º  Planning & Zoning Commission (Subdivision Sketch Plan) - February 19, 2019 continued to March 5, 2019
   º  Board of Trustees (1st PUD / Subdivision / Annexation Hearing) - March 26, 2019
   º  Board of Trustees (2nd PUD / Annexation Hearing) - March 26, 2019 continued to September 24, 2019
   º  Planning & Zoning Commission (Preliminary Plan/Final Plat) - September 3, 2019 continued to September 17, 2019
   º  Board of Trustees (Preliminary Plan/Final Plat) - September 24, 2019
   º  Current Status - Tabled until further notice, project to be publicly noticed before Town Board will hear again.
Related Documents - PUD:
   º  Application and Written Narrative
   º  Site Orientation Package
   º  PUD Zoning Plan Map dated 06/20/2019
   º  Draft PUD Guide dated 06/20/2019
   º  Resource Engineering Water Review Memo dated 06/04/2019
   º  Exception Request
   º  Housing Memo
   º  Variations Memo
Open Space Overview Memo
   º  Appendix B Wildlife Report
   º  Appendix C Geotech Report
   º  Appendix D Traffic Report
   º  Appendix F Utility Report
   º  Appendix G Drainage Report
   º  Appendix H Water Rights Analysis
   º  EQR Assessment_1
   º  EQR Assessment_2
   º  Existing Slope Exhibit
   º  Fiscal Impact Report - received 06/06/2019
   º  Access Management Plan (Draft)
   º  Town of Eagle Referral Response Summary Report dated June 27, 2018
   º  Applicant's Response to Referral Comments dated October 12, 2018
   º  Town of Eagle Referral Response Summary Report dated November 19, 2018
   º  Town Board Staff Report - March 26, 2019
   º  Public Comment Report dated 06.05.2019
Related Documents - Preliminary Plan / Final Plat:
   º  Application and Project Narrative
   º  Final Plat Red Mountain Ranch Filing 1
   º  Title Reports Planning Areas 1 - 6
Related Documents - Annexation:
**additional technical reports available by request**