Active Land Use Applications

Below is a listing of all active land use applications in the Town of Eagle.  Look for the "Public Hearing Schedule" to find out when a specific application is scheduled to be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission or the Town Council.  This information will be updated regularly as part of the Town of Eagle's commitment to transparency and community engagement.  For more information or if you have any questions about a land use file or long-range project please contact the Town Staff Member(s) noted below.  

Public Meetings:
Public meetings will be held in-person and on a virtual platform. Agenda's will be published at least 24 hours prior to meetings and virtual meeting links are available on the agenda.

Notice - Updated Process to Receive Agendas:
The Town has upgraded its Agenda, Packet and Minutes software which now requires users to sign up for notifications through that system. The sign-in location is here:
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Appeal of a Planning Decision:
Many land use applications are subject to an appeal process outlined by the Land Use and Development Code (or by the PUD Guide, if the application is within a Planned Unit Development and is an amendment).  Appeals are subject to an application fee, as determined by the fee schedule.

Stone Concepts Outdoor Storage Special Use Permit 
Project Name: Stone Concepts Outdoor Storage Special Use Permit
File Number: SU22-03
Location: 1248 Chambers Avenue
Staff Contact: Tez Hawkins - Contract Planner, Town of Eagle
Description/Request: A request for a Special Use Permit to conduct outdoor storage in the Commercial General (CG) zone district. 
Public Hearing Schedule:
           º Public Hearing Notice
           º Planning & Zoning - Tuesday, June 21, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
           º Town Council - Tuesday, July 12, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
º Application Form
º Project Narrative
º Warranty Deed
º Improvement Location Certificate

435 Eby Creek Apartments Major Development Permit 
Project Name:  435 Eby Creek Apartments
File Number: DR22-03
Location: 435 Eby Creek Road
Staff Contact: 
Peyton Heitzman 
A Major Development Permit with design variances to construct a 30-dwelling unit apartment building on 2.804 acres. 
Public Hearing Schedule:
Public Hearing Notice 
     º Planning & Zoning Commission - Tuesday, June 21, 2022 @ 6:00 pm Continued to July 5, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
     º Town Council - Tuesday, July 12, 2022 @ 6:00 pm Continued to July 26, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Major Development Permit Documents:
Application and Narrative dated June 23, 2022
Public Improvements Cost Estimates from May 16, 2022 Submittal
Water Supply and Metering Sheets from May 16, 2022 Submittal
Traffic Impact Analysis dated April 13, 2022
Public Path Memo from May 16, 2022 Submittal 
Public Facilities Impact Report from May 16, 2022 Submittal 
Drainage Memo from June 24, 2022 Submittal 
Letters from Utility Providers from May 16, 2022 
Lighting Spec Sheets dated March 23, 2022
Site Lighting Layout dated March 21, 2022
Architectural – Development Permit Set dated June 22, 2022 
Civil – DD Set dated June 24, 2022
Soils Study dated June 2007
3D Renderings

Sawatch View Rezone
Project Name: Sawatch View
File Number: RZ22-02
Location: 295 Rule Road (Lot 1, Eagle Interchange East Zone Change)
Staff Contact: Peyton Heitzman
Description/Request: To rezone the property from the Commercial General (CG) Zone District to the Residential Multi-Family (RMF) Zone District.
Public Hearing Schedule:
           º Public Hearing Notice
           º Planning & ZoningTuesday, June 7, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
           º Town CouncilTuesday, June 28, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

º  Application and Project Narrative
º Rezone Petition
º  Letter from Applicant
º  Final Concept Plan
º  Final Plat Eagle Interchange East
º  Eagle Interchange Easement

Haymeadow Major Development Permit and Lot Line Adjustment for RMF 1 and 2
Project Name: Haymeadow RMF 1 and 2
File Number: DR22-01 / LLA22-02
Location: Tracts 38 & 55 / 91 Mt. Hope Circle and 24 Snowy Peak Road
Staff Contact: Jessica Lake
Description/Request: 1) Lot Line Adjustment approval to re-plat the lot line between RMF-1 and RMF-2.  2) Major Development Permit approval to construct 76 multi-family dwelling units in 7 buildings in RMF-1 and 12 multi-family units in 3 buildings in RMF-2.  
Public Hearing Schedule:
          º Public Hearing Notice   
          º Corrected Public Hearing Notice
          º Planning & Zoning - Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 6pm
          º Town Council - Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 6pm
Development Permit Documents:
º Application and Project Narrative
º  Architectural Plan Set - RMF 1
º  Architectural Plan Set - RMF 1 Building D
º  Architectural Plan Set - RMF 2
º  Elevations / Color Palettes
º  Civil Plan Set
º  Civil - Grading Only Sheets
º  Irrigation Plans RMF 1 & 2
º  Landscape and Lighting Plans
º Wildlife Mitigation Plan
º  Development Cost Estimate
º  Development Impact Checklist
º  RMF-1 Building Height Matrix
º  RMF-2 Building Height Matrix
º  Geotechnical Study
Lot Line Adjustment Documents:
º  Application Form
º  Lot Line Adjustment Plat
Other Relevant Documents:
º  Haymeadow 2014 Preliminary Plan
º  Haymeadow Filing 1 Plat
º  Filing 1, 1st Amended Plat
º  Resolution 12-2014, Haymeadow Annexation and Development Agreement and Exhibits
º  Ordinance 14-2019, Haymeadow Subdivision Improvements Agreement

Reserve at Hockett Gulch - Major Development Permit, Preliminary Plan/Final Plat, and Minor PUD Amendment
Project Name:  Reserve at Hockett Gulch Major Development Permit and Preliminary Plan/Final Plat
File Numbers: DR21-02, PPFP21-01, PUDA22-01
Location: 16186 Highway 6, Eagle, CO 81631
Contacts - Project LeadCarrie McCool - Contract Planner, Town of Eagle
Staff ContactPlanning Department
1.) Major Development Permit approval to construct 216 rental units and a clubhouse on 17.2 acres. Forty-Five Percent (45%) of the units proposed include a deed restriction requiring local residency.
2.) Preliminary Plan and Final Plat approval to subdivide 29.65 acres into three lots and two open space tracts.
3.) Minor PUD amendment to change the location of a portion of the 5-foot-wide soft perimeter path.
Public Hearing Schedule:
     º Public Hearing Notice 
     º Planning & Zoning Commission -Tuesday, June 7, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
º Town Council -Tuesday, June 28, 2022 @ 6:00 pm Continued to Tuesday, July 26, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Major Development Permit & Preliminary Plan/Final Plat Documents:
º  Application Form dated July 8, 2021
º  Project Narrative Revised dated May 26, 2022
º  PUD Zoning and Density Calculations Summary dated June 10, 2022
º  Updated Submittal Comment Responses dated May 2, 2022
º  Town Engineer Redlined Comments dated May 2022
º  Alta Survey dated July 14, 2021
º  Civil Plans - MDP dated May 2, 2022
º  Preliminary Plan dated June 9, 2022
º  Development Plan Map dated June 9, 2022
º  Phasing Plan dated June 9, 2022
º  Final Plat dated June 9, 2022
º  Town Engineer Technical Redlined Comments dated May 23, 2022
º  Town Surveyor Comments dated May 26, 2022 
º  Final Plat: Access and Utility Easement, Eagle Ranch dated June 10, 2022 
º  Architectural Design Plan Narrative dated May 2, 2022
º  Architectural Design Plan dated May 2, 2022
º Updated Architectural Building Design dated June 9, 2022
º  Building Height Measurement Interpretation 2021
º  Environmental Conditions Report dated 2015
º  Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Comments dated May 24, 2022
º  Prevailing Winds & Views Report dated June 9, 2022
º  Solar Study dated April 29, 2022
º  Soils Report dated 2021

º  Landscape Irrigation dated July 14, 2021
º  Landscape Plan dated June 9, 2022
º  Landscape Plan Revised Tables dated May 27, 2022
º  Drainage Report dated July 19, 2021
º  Storm Drainage Easement OS1 dated June 10, 2022
º  Debris Flow Report dated August 17, 2018
º  Phase 3 Debris Flow Analysis and Potential Mitigation dated October 22, 2021
º  Final Utility Report dated September 1, 2021
º  Parking Plan dated May 2, 2022 
º  Traffic Study dated August 20, 2018

º  Traffic Memorandum dated February 9, 2022
º  Lighting Plan dated May 23, 2022
º  Light Fixtures dated June 9, 2022
º  SLR Geometric Layout & Signage Plan dated June 9, 2022
º  Trailhead Restrooms Rendering dated June 9, 2022
º  Eagle Medical Center Approved Landscape Plan 2006 
º  Annexation and Ordinance and Agreement dated 2019
º  Development Impact Checklist dated August 5, 2021
º  Temporary Construction Easement dated June 10, 2022
Minor PUD Amendment Documents: 
º  Application Form dated May 9, 2022
º  Project Narrative dated May 11, 2022
º  Draft First Amended RHG PUD Guide dated May 12, 2022
º  Development Plan Map dated May 12, 2022
º  Colorado Parks and Wildlife Comments dated March 16, 2022
º  Colorado Parks and Wildlife Comments dated May 13, 2022