Business License

New to Colorado and Eagle? Business Registration can be done on-line using this link: Colorado Business Registration and Town of Eagle Business License Application.


 View a list of the Town of Eagle Business Regulations (PDF).

The Business License Fee is $70 annually. The General Occupation Tax (business license) of $50 and Business Marketing Fee of $20 shall apply to any business, trade, occupation, profession or calling which is engaged in for the purpose of making a profit, whether a profit is actually made on a regular basis within the Town of Eagle.

This tax shall apply to building contractors, plumbing contractors, general contractors and other specialized contractors. It shall not apply to such activity if exempt by virtue of State or federal law, or if subject to a similar tax under the ordinances of the Town of Eagle, such as lodging establishments, peddlers and solicitors, or to activity as an employee of a governmental entity, or of another who is subject to the tax. This tax shall be due and payable on January 1st of each year by parties engaged, on that date, in activities which are the subject of this tax. For those who begin such activity after January 1st, this tax shall be payable within ten (10) days of beginning such activity. The entire amount of the tax is due regardless of when such activity was begun.

Every party doing business in more than one (1) store, stand or other place of business, shall pay a separate tax for each place of business, unless such places of business are contiguous to each other, communicate directly with and open to each other, and are operated as a unit. The business may be transferred from one location to another without payment of additional tax. Any person who knowingly violates any provision of this Chapter, or who knowingly fails to perform an act required by any provision of this Chapter, commits a Class A municipal offense. (Amended Ord. 10-2001 ┬ž12, 2001).
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    Town Clerk
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