Community Development

The Town of Eagle's Community Development Department provides long-range planning, development review, planning and building department oversight and code enforcement.  We strive to bridge the gap between the community and the Town in all areas relating to the built environment.  Our department is committed to transparency, engagement and equality.

Department Services:

  • Building - manages permit applications, reviews building plans and inspects work in progress to ensure public health and safety where we live and work.
  • Planning - long-term commitment to economic vitality, environmental quality and development design quality.
  • Code Enforcement - ensures compliance with the Town of Eagle's Municipal Code and responds to citizens concerns.

Town Initiatives:

  • Comprehensive Plan
    • The Town is embarking on a Comprehensive Plan that will be progressive and will address emerging trends relevant to our community.  The plan will lay out a clear vision for our community, include policies that will act as a blueprint for the Town, and provide actionable implementation strategies to achieve the vision as it is described.  The process for the Comprehensive Plan is estimated to take 2.5 years and will be a collaborative effort between Town Staff, the Consulting Firm Logan Simpson and a Community Committee.
  • Land Use Code Update
    • The Land Use Code Update will occur in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan and will address an update to the current code that creates an appropriate structure for the different types and forms of neighborhoods, commercial centers, and future development in the Town.  
    • View the Land Use and Development Code Assessment (June 2019) [LINK]
  • Highway 6 Corridor Plan
    • The Highway 6 Corridor Plan will assess traffic patterns and congestion on Highway 6, with a specific focus on the Downtown Core and West Eagle.  
  1. April Kroner

    Community Development Director/Town Planner
    Phone: 970-328-9651

  2. Angie Kyle

    Administrative Technician II
    Phone: 970-328-9655

  3. Peyton Heitzman

    Planner I
    Phone: 970-328-9619

  4. Jessica Lake

    Planning Technician
    Phone: 970-328-9627