Curbside Trash, Recycling & Compost


The Town provides trash and recycling services curbside to all Town of Eagle residents (single-family houses and multi-family complexes of eight units or less). We contract this service to Vail Honeywagon. Vail Honeywagon will only pick-up approved trash/recycling/composting bins. If you have additional trashcans of your own, extra trash, etc., you will need to contact them to arrange pickup (see below for their contact info).

For service-related issues, please contact Vail Honeywagon at 970-476-3511. This includes:

  • Extra trash or bulky item pickup requests. Vail Honeywagon will quote you a price and schedule the pickup.
  • Can issues such as damaged cans (missing/broken wheels, missing/broken lids, etc.)
  • Driver-related issues you wish to report.

If you have a new property and wish to add trash service, or have existing service but need to add/remove cans, please email
For billing questions, please contact the Town of Eagle at 970-328-6354. 


Find your pickup dates here: Vail Honeywagon Trash and Recycle Schedule.


One 64-gallon bear-resistant trash can is provided per residence. Vail Honeywagon uses an automated truck designed to pick up Town designated cans only. All trash must be in these cans, otherwise, extra trash can be picked up for an additional fee that can be determined by contacting Vail Honeywagon. Only on a case-by-case basis will they evaluate a special pickup. 


A 96-gallon recycle bin is provided per residence for single-stream. MORE INFORMATION ON ACCEPTABLE RECYCLING


One 32-gallon bear-resistant organic compost container.  MORE INFORMATION ON COMPOSTING.

Fees (effective date 12/1/2023)

Single-Family $41.75 

Each subsequent 64-gallon trash cart $25.00

Each subsequent 96-gallon recycling bin $10.00

Multi Family Complexes Up To Eight Units.

First 64-gallon cart $41.75

Each subsequent 64-gallon trash cart $25.00

Each subsequent 96-gallon recycling bin $10.00

If you are purchasing a new home, please be sure the previous owner left the bins at the property (see more details about property transfers here).

Adjustments to the fees set forth above shall be based on the annual Denver-Boulder Consumer Price Index (CPI-U), annual tipping fee adjustments made by the Eagle County Landfill, and quarterly fuel surcharge adjustments made in accordance with an agreement entered into by the Town with its contractor, Vail Honeywagon Enterprises, Inc. for refuse collection and disposal services.