own of Eagle – Eagle River Park
Project Manager Solicitation 
Applications due before 5 PM, February 9, 2017



The Town of Eagle is seeking a Project Manager for the Eagle River Park project. This is a multi-faceted project that includes whitewater wave features in the river and a river side park and parking areas.  The project is being funded primarily by a voter approved .5% sales tax increase and bond issue of $5.6 million.  The contracted Project Manager (PM) will be a consultant to the Town of Eagle whose responsibility will be to oversee all aspects of the design, bidding and construction of the project on behalf of the Town of Eagle. 

The project management roles are currently being performed on an ad hoc basis by a variety of Town of Eagle staff and consultants. These duties will be largely consolidated the role of the new Project Manager.


The project is located immediately to the south of Eastbound I-70, primarily on the dirt lot currently used as an informal rest area for semi-trucks extending from the Eagle County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall to the west, up to and including Chambers Park to the east.   

 Aerial image of the project locationProject

Schematic of the wave features already designed for the Eagle River by S2o of Lyons, CO



The project is being led by the Town of Eagle in collaboration with Eagle County.  Eagle County owns the dirt lot. Eagle County owns or has easements for the work in the river.  Town of Eagle owns Chambers Park. The narrow north bank of the river adjacent to Fairgrounds Road connecting the dirt lot to Chambers Park is privately owned. Boundary survey for all parcels in the reach have been completed. The project is divided into two distinct design and construction areas and scopes which will result in one seamless park project under the guidance of the Project Manager.

IN RIVER:  In late 2015, Scott Shipley of S2o Designs (Lyons, CO) was hired to design and engineer the wave features throughout 2016. Additionally, S2o is expected to secure the necessary permits, oversee the bid doc preparation and the in-stream construction. Wetland survey is complete. The design is at 95%, the 404 permitting with ACE is in process and construction is scheduled to begin in November 2017 and be complete by end of March 2018.  S2o has also substantially completed engineering and design for a path located largely on private land that may connect Eagle River Park and Chambers Park. Geotechnical work necessary for this effort has been completed.

UPLAND PARK: In late 2016, Alpine Engineering and Zehren and Associates were selected as the design team for the Upland River Park.  They are leading a robust public input design process expected to culminate with a final design for the park by July 2017 with construction documents prepared by late summer.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2018, following the completion of the features in the river. The Upland River Park elements include a park area immediately adjacent to the river, soft and hard surfaced trails, a main parking lot, parking near the Exhibition Hall and potentially additional parking at Chambers Park. Restrooms, trail connections and other amenities are part of the Alpine Engineering scope of work. Additional geotechnical engineering and surveying are within the scope of Alpine Engineers contract. Please refer to eagleoutside.com for more information about the Eagle River Park. 


The ideal candidate must: 

  • Demonstrate an in depth understanding of complex engineering specifications, engineering documents, and construction plans.
  • Proven project management history of public sector capital projects and projects in the river and riparian environment are preferred.
  • Demonstrate a significant work history in the Project Manager role with engineers, designers and contractors on projects of a similar size and complexity.
  • Engineering Degree preferred but not required. Demonstrate a history of working with the public sector competitive bid process.
  • Demonstrate a history of leadership involvement on complex projects that include multiple stake holders;
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills both oral and written;
  • Demonstrate past experience keeping similar projects on time and on/under budget;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the project goals and have the ability to bring the team together to accomplish all objectives;
  • Be exceptionally detailed and organized;
  • Be a problem solver;
  • Be tenacious in moving a project forward and keep the end goal in the forefront;
  • Be able to keep the team on track to meet project milestones;
  • Be responsive to e-mails and phone calls;
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead meetings and keep meetings on point;
  •     Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks to keep project goals on track. 


The Project Manager will report to the Town Manager. The Project Manager will become the point person for all consultants working on the project.  The Project Manager will be responsible for implementing the entire project on behalf of the Town of Eagle. Invoices must be presented to Town of Eagle on a monthly basis and will be paid at the agreed to hourly rate. 
The selected Project Manager shall be willing to execute a Consultant Agreement as shown in Appendix A with the Town of Eagle.  It is anticipated that approximately 24 hours per week will be required to accomplish the tasks listed below.

  • Attend and facilitate communication with the Owner (Town of Eagle), engineering and design teams, project coordinator, steering committee or any other stake holders throughout the design and construction processes.
  • Maintain the project budget in consultation with the Town of Eagle Finance Director and prepare budget reports for review by Town Manager & Trustees.
  • Review and authorize invoices and pay applications for the engineering, design and construction of the project.
  • Facilitate and coordinate required project permits. (Eagle P&Z, Engineering, Utility, etc.)
  • Coordinate project inspections either with the Town or with consultant teams.   
  • Develop request for qualifications (RFQ’s) and requests for proposals (RFP’s) for construction bidding for both the upland park and in river work.   
  • Review engineering cost estimates to be sure the vision is in line with the budget. 
  • Review of interim and final construction documents including plans and specifications for constructability and potential value engineering ideas.     
  • Review all plans involving utilities. Ensure all parties are capable of delivering or relocating required utilities when needed for construction.
  • Develop bid schedules and instructions.
  • Distribute bid packages through the Town’s electronic bidding system. Additionally, assist with other methods to ensure qualified bidders are aware of the RFP.
  • Conduct pre-bid conferences for in-river and upland park construction.
  • Receive and analyze bids and recommend award for construction contracts. 
  • Negotiate and prepare contracts on behalf of Town of Eagle for approval by Town Manager and/or Trustees as appropriate.
  • Prepare Town of Eagle Board Presentation documents for contract awards and regular updates regarding the project.  
  • Prepare, manage, and coordinate submittals, requests for information (RFI), changes, and change orders.
  • Maintain construction records and open book accounting
  • Manage project closeout and warranty - including as-built drawings and warranty.

 Anticipated Project Schedule: (Included for Reference. Subject to change.)

  • Public input meeting February 23, 2017 - Eagle Ranch Pavilion from 6-8 PM
  • Steering Committee meeting March 16, 2017, Eagle Town Hall from 2-4 PM
  • Public input meeting March 24, 2017 location and TBD evening
  • Steering Committee meeting April 27, 2017, Eagle Town Hall from 2-4 PM
  • Public input meeting May 4, 2017 location and TBD evening
  • Steering Committee meeting May 25, 2017, Eagle Town Hall from 2-4 PM
  • Final Park design presented to the Town Board of Trustees July/August 2017
  • Town Board meetings as needed
  • In River work to be bid in Spring/Summer 2017
    • In River work to begin construction November 2017 through March 2018 in accordance with the Army Corps 404 Permit.
    • Fall 2018 prequalify River Park Contractors
    • Winter 2018 bid River Park Project
    • Spring 2018 construction the River Park 

Selection Process

 A selection committee determined by the Town will review the proposals and conduct applicant interviews. 

 Anticipated Selection Schedule

Advertise Position                                                       1-31-17 to 2-9-17
Submit Proposal before                                              2-9-17 @ 5 PM
Interviews                                                                    2-17-17
Selection/Contract prepared                                       2-24-17
Introduction to Town Board of Trustees                     2-28-17
Issue NTP to the Project Manager                             2-29-17


  1. Cover letter describing interest in the project. 
  1. Applicant Resume; Team Resumes (If applicable) 
  1. Past Performance and Experience
    1. Identify 3 complex projects that you have managed and what level of management you provided.  Identify if you were involved with the designers or construction or both for the project.  For each project listed include the following information:
    2. The type of project, price or budget range, name and location.
    3. The name, phone number and e-mail of the owner.
    4. The planned project completion date and the actual completion date. 
  1. Please comment on your willingness to sign the Consulting Agreement as attached or if you need modifications to the Agreement. Please list what modifications you would request.  
  1. Please state your insurance limits and if you are able to comply with the insurance section of the contract.  
  1. Please provide your hourly personnel fee schedule and any reimbursable expenses.  Identify, if any, travel costs related to the project.  Note that there will be an estimate amount in the Consulting Agreement for 2017 services as funding for 2018 has not yet been budgeted.

John Schneiger, Eagle Town Manager

APPENDIX A: Consulting Agreement and Insurance Requirements


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