Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant

Town of Eagle Water News - Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant

Project Update 9/13/2018

  • MWHC has mobilized the project site. Construction trailers have been set and are occupied.
  • The project superintendent and project engineer are on site full time.
  • Security fencing and camera systems have been installed.
  • Erosion control measures - silt fence - has been installed.
  • The contracts group is approximately 35% complete on issuing subcontracts and purchase agreements.
  • The project engineering group has begun reviewing vendor and subcontractor submittals.
  • Site staff is continuing with pre-planning for excavation and primary power installation.


  • Installation of dewatering wells, totaling eight, beginning September 12th.
  • Installation of the primary power system with a transformer. This system will be used for construction power.
  • Relocating the sanitary sewer on the south side of the new treatment building in preparation for excavation, beginning on Sept. 17th.
  • Mobilize of excavation equipment and crews, to begin excavation for the treatment building and pump station.
  • Release reinforcing steel for fabrication.

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