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Town of Eagle Request for Proposal Town Attorney Services

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Lynette Horan
Town of Eagle
PO Box 609
200 Broadway
Eagle, Colorado 81631

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Questions can be made in writing and directed to Lynette Horan, Human Resource Manager at

Deadline: Monday, May 28, 2018, 5:00 pm MST

Summary: The Town of Eagle (Town) is seeking the services of a municipal attorney(s) to fulfill the duties and responsibilities described in this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Town Attorney position. The Town is inviting individual attorneys or firms to respond for the purpose of providing the Town with legal services as outlined below.

Background: The Town of Eagle is a statutory town located in Eagle County, Colorado. The Town employs 50 FTE and has a total budget of $24 million. The Board of Trustee meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month starting at 6 PM. The Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission meetings are held every first and third Tuesdays of the month starting at 6 PM. While the Town Attorney is not expected to attend P&Z meetings, a request might be made to attend a meeting as needed. The Town has a water attorney and is hiring a separate municipal court prosecutor.

Scope of Services:

•Review and/or draft agreements, contracts, resolutions and ordinances to ensure compliance with state, federal and local laws.
•Act as legal advisor to the Town Board, Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Staff as requested.
•Provide legal training for Town Board Members and Staff.
•Provide guidance on personnel matters.
•Attend Board meetings and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings as needed.
•Hold office hours at Town Hall as requested.
•Provide guidance on general municipal procedures including Colorado Open Meetings Law, The Colorado Open Records Act, liquor licensing, marijuana licensing and municipal election law.
•Review and/or draft legal documents related to real estate acquisitions, easements, variances, rights of way and other property and land use issues.
•Research and submit legal opinions on municipal or other legal matters as requested.
•Assure compliance with all ordinances, state and federal laws, and provide guidance on any legislative matters or changes that may affect the Town.
•Involvement in other legal matters as requested.
•Coordinate with outside Counsel regarding litigation on behalf of the Town.

Proposals should include the following information:

•The Town of Eagle is statutory. Describe your experience with statutory Towns and municipal law.
•The Town desires to become Home Rule. Please list your experience with Home Rule communities and municipal law.
•Firms should provide the name and qualifications of the person proposed to provide the Town Attorney services to the Town. This is the person that will be appointed as Town Attorney from your firm.
•Firms should provide the names and qualifications for each supporting member of the Town Attorney team and how they will be utilized by the Town Attorney.
•Describe any knowledge or experience that makes you, or any attorney(s) in your firm, particularly qualified to fulfill the Town Attorney duties.
•Provide the name of your professional liability, insurance carriers and insurance limits on each policy.
•Disclose any potential conflicts of interest that you or any member of your firm may have in relation to the Town of Eagle.
•List Town Attorney and supporting staff rates and any other applicable billable rates and expenses, such as mileage, travel time, photocopying and postage.
•Include statement of qualifications.
•Provide list of current towns and/or cities that you and/or your firm have and currently represent.
•Provide a minimum of three municipal client references.

Other Terms and Conditions:

•The Town reserves the right to undertake its own investigation to evaluate a candidate. The Town shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject any submittal.
•The Town reserves the right to solicit or recruit any attorney(s) or legal firms directly to request qualifications.
•All submittals become the property of the Town upon receipt and will not be returned to the applicant.
•The Town operates under applicable public disclosure laws. Proprietary information must be identified and will be protected to the extent that is legally possible.
•Cost of submitting the response to the RFP, attendance at an interview, or any other such costs are entirely the responsibility of the candidate or candidate firm and shall not be reimbursed in any manner by the Town.
•Failure to conform to directions under this RFP may lead to the rejection of a submittal. The submittals should contain all information necessary to evaluate the qualifications of a candidate or firm.

The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals and to waive any informalities or irregularities in said proposals. The RFP does not bind the Town to hire a new Town Attorney when, in the Town’s sole discretion, the Town determines not to do so.


Please include 1 copy of the proposal addressed to the contact above if sending a response via mail. Alternatively, submissions via email are sufficient. Please send an email to Lynette Horan with the proposal attached.