Residents of Eagle have made it known loud and clear that they desire more reliable, faster, and cheaper internet. The internet and broadband service is a dependency for public safety, emergency services, local business, and for a quality of life on par with other communities in the valley and across Colorado. Since internet service is at the mercy of private company investment and service offerings, the Town of Eagle has responded to resident feedback and chosen to participate in Northwest Colorado Council of Governments' Project THOR to better facilitate and incentive public/ private partnerships, increase broadband availability, and to provide additional opportunities for service that are currently unavailable. The Town of Eagle is convening a broadband committee to help collect community feedback and provide constructive direction for public and private deployment of Project THOR as well as additional broadband service options to residents and businesses within the Town and outlying areas. 

Town of Eagle Broadband Committee Purpose:

  • To help the Town by being a sounding board for broadband solutions both public and private
  • To assist with the feasibility study conducted by Uptown's services*
  • To provide local expertise in the process, recommendations to the board and implementing solutions

Timeline and Next Steps

March 2019 - Town of Eagle Board of Trustees approves the contract to purchase a Meet-Me Center as a part of Project THOR

May 2019 - RFP process begins to select a firm to conduct a feasibility study about the Town of Eagle's Broadband needs

July 2019 - Uptown Services is awarded the RFP for the Town of Eagle, begins initial research phase

October 2019 - Community survey via phone and online response conducted

November 2019 - Second Committee meeting and presentation of survey results

December 2019 - Initial draft report complete and presented to Town Staff

December 2019/ January 2020 - Final report presented to Board of Trustees with scenarios for action and next steps

Private Sector Solutions and Comcast

The Town is currently working with Comcast to bring its services to Eagle. You can follow their progress and get specific answers regarding Comcast plans on their Eagle-specific website at

We are working to put communication towers on water tanks to have local providers utilize Town infrastructure. We are working with Century Link to improve local customer service.

Public Sector Solutions – Project THOR

  • Regional collaboration of a 100 gb/s redundant and resilient network for ISP and transport
  • Installation of the MMC expected in November
  • Open access to interested parties
  • Work on rates and use agreements in an ongoing discussion among MMC owners

Feasibility Study with Uptown Services

Upcoming Feasibility study designed to fully assess the broadband needs for the Town of Eagle, with financial analysis and implementation plans.

Phase 1 - Research and Vision

Phase 2 - Planning Study

Phase 3 - Assess Public Policy Options

Final Report - Buildout model design, revenue forecast, data for BOT decision. This will provide the Board of Trustees options on how best to proceed:

  • Municipal Service Delivery
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Policy to Facilitate Private