Eagle River Station

Eagle River Station (ERS) is located on 85.82 acres of land immediately east of the Chambers Road Business Park. The development is a mixed-use project with its primary focus being a regionally-oriented retail shopping center. The project also includes a rental residential component and allows for a range of other uses including institutional uses, health/medical and entertainment. The construction an East Eagle Interchange and connector road is required as a part of the project. The owner/developer is Trinity Red Eagle Development, LLC.

Planned Unit Development

Phase 1:
582,500 square feet of commercial space (primarily retail) and 250 rental apartments
Phase 2: 150,000 square feet of Commercial space (primarily retail) and 300 rental apartments

Total development:
up to 732,500 square feet of commercial space and up to 550 rental apartments on approximately 90 acres of land.

The Board of Trustees approved the ERS project on March 27, 2012 and the voters affirmed the Board approval on May 22, 2012. The approval grants vested rights (entitlements) to allow the developer to proceed forward with the project. The project requires the developer to initiate substantial construction activity within 3 years.

Retail Tenants
: No retail tenants have been announced at this time. The developer is currently in a diligence period for many activities, including obtaining lease commitments from retailers.

Important Milestones
: The Development Agreement between the Town and developer contains important milestones/deadlines, which requires the developer to make many planning, engineering, and financing submittals to the town and gives deadlines for initiation and completion of important construction activities. Download the Development Agreement The important milestones/deadlines include the following:
  • Preliminary Plan Submittal Date: November 29, 2013 deadline.
  • Final Plat Submittal: August 29, 2014 deadline.
  • If Preliminary Plan and Final Plat submitted concurrently: May 29, 2014 deadline.
  • Start of Construction deadline of significant public improvements, including the Interstate Interchange, water and sewer system improvements and Highway 6 improvements: May 29, 2015 deadline.
  • Completion of the above improvements together with additional on-site improvements must occur within 30 months of start of construction and before any certificate of occupancy for any building or any “opening of doors” of any retail business or apartments.
  • Prior to the start of construction of the public improvements, the Eagle River Station Metropolitan District must submit to the satisfaction of the town a finance plan assuring the debt for such improvements can be repaid, and the developer must deposit with the town financial performance guarantee to assure completion of the improvements.
Assurances Deriving from Agreements: All agreements pertaining to Eagle River Station have been carefully drafted to assure that Eagle town government, existing residents, property owners and rate payers will have no liabilities for success, partial success, lack of success or financial loss of the project during any stage of the development.

Payment of Fees
: Payment of water and sewer tap fees, use tax and other related payments are paid at approvals of Final Plat, Development Permit or Building Permits.