Elevate Eagle Comprehensive Plan

The 2020 Elevate Eagle Comprehensive Plan Adoption Draft is live!  CLICK HERE to access and review the Adoption Draft.
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Email comments to planning@townofeagle.org
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Elevate Eagle is the update to the Town's Comprehensive Plan.  All Eagle residents, business owners, workers, visitors, and others are invited to participate and have a voice in the future of Eagle.  The Comprehensive Plan will include your hopes, dreams and aspirations and how to accomplish them.  The plan will guide and provide direction to the Town when making decisions relating to physical and cultural development; so your input is critical. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
  • A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document that sets a vision for the community, providing guidance for conservation, growth and development.  The Plan is used as a tool to evaluate land use applications.  The best Comprehensive Plans will provide a consistent approach to land use; which is beneficial to applicants/developers, staff, and elected/appointed officials. 
Make sure to have your voice heard!  Share your ideas, thoughts, input, and desires by emailing Town staff at planning@townofeagle.org.  Want to be added to our distribution list for the Comprehensive Plan or the next step, which is the Land Use Code Update?  Email angie.kyle@townofeagle.org to get on the mailing list.

Important Updates/Timeline:

October 2020 - the draft plan is almost ready for public release, stay tuned we will be releasing the public adoption draft soon!

October 23, 2020 - the Public Working Draft for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan (Elevate Eagle) is live today!  
Email additional public comment to planning@townofeagle.org! 

November 5, 2020 (4:00 pm) - Joint worksession between Town Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission to review the final draft.

November 17, 2020 (6:00 pm) - Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing to adopt the 2020 Comprehensive Plan (Elevate Eagle)
**click the link to view the Agenda and Packet and register for the virtual meeting**

December 8, 2020 (6:00 pm) - Town Council public hearing to ratify the adopted 2020 Comprehensive Plan (Elevate Eagle)
**click the link to view the Agenda and Packet and register for the virtual meeting**

Elevate Eagle Documents

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