Open Space & Recreation Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:

Ensure continuing investment, conservation, and sound management practices of open space, trails, and natural resources within the Town of Eagle and adjacent public and private lands with the goal of maintaining our community’s quality of life for present and future generations.

Strategic Vision:

Through sustainable management practices and working with others, the committee actively conserves and enhances public open space lands that may contain trails, parks, sensitive natural resources, historical sites, view corridors, agriculture, or other open space or community values and appropriately invest in open space and recreational opportunities.

Meeting Time:

The OSRAC meeting meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am. Agendas and meeting notices can be found here.

  1. Brian Lieberman

    Open Space Manager
    Phone: 970-328-6542


Ernest Saeger
November 2024

Chair                        Jan 2023

Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance  

Jessica Foulis

November 2024

Vice-chair                     Jan 2023

Eagle Valley Land Trust

Ellen Bodenhemier

Committee Coordinator

Town Council Member 

Erinn Hoban 

November 2024

Secretary                     Jan 2023

Adopt a Trail and Wildlife Ambassador Trail Programs Coordinator 


Alternate member 

Applications due August 8, 2022

Roger Mitchell 

November 2024

Voting member

BLM Wildlife Management 

Lizzy Owens 

November 2024

Voting member

Mountain Rec

Chris Kehoe 

May 2025

Voting Member

Hardscrabble Trails and Rocky Mountain Sports Riders Volunteer

Phillip Kirkman

November 2024

Voting Member

Eagle County Open Space


Partner affiliations:

  1. Bureau of Land Management - Colorado River Valley Field Office 
  2. Eagle Valley Land Trust
  3. Eagle Ranch Wildlife Committee
  4. Eagle County Open Space
  5. U.S. Forest Service- Holy Cross Ranger District
  6. Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  7. Frost Creek Wildlife Committee
  8. Walking Mountains Science Center 
  9. Mountain Rec 
  10. Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance 
  11. Hardscrabble Trails Coalition 
  12. Eagle County BMX

Supporting Documents:

View the Committee Bylaws and Mission/ Vision statements.