Downtown Development Authority

Purpose: Under Ordinance 25-2020, the Town of Eagle Town Council established a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) known as the "Eagle Downtown Development Authority," as a body corporate. By ordinance of the Town of Eagle, the Downtown Development Authority has all the powers authorized by Part Eight of Article 25 of Title 31, Colorado Revised Statutes 2021 and all additional and supplemental powers necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of said Part Eight.

The Authority was established to halt and prevent deterioration of property values within its district, to assist in development and redevelopment within its district, and to use its power to promote the general welfare of the district by the use of its direct and supplemental powers.

Meetings: The Downtown Development Authority meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 12:00PM. All meetings are held in person at Eagle Town Hall, 200 Broadway, as well as on a virtual meeting platform. Agendas, minutes, and meeting information can be found on the Town of Eagle's website here.

Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors

Board Member Designation Service Term
Greg Schroeder, Business Owner Chair June 2027
Scott Schlosser, Property Owner Representative Vice Chair June 2025
Marci Leith, Business Owner Secretary June 2026
Adrienne Sirianni-Cavallario, Business Owner Treasurer June 2026
Jacob Roach, Business Owner Member June 2027
Collin Huggins, Property Owner Member June 2027
Sarah Parrish Town Council Liaison N/A

District Boundary:

DDA Smaller map