Short Term Rentals Permits & Lodging Tax

The Town of Eagle occupation tax is levied on the provision of lodging upon every person or business that furnishes any hotel room, motel room, lodging room, motor hotel room, guest house room or other similar accommodation for consideration for less than 1 month or 30 consecutive days within the Town of Eagle in the amount of 6% of net Lodging Sales. 

Per the Town of Eagle Ordinance 06. Series 2020, this includes all short-term rentals such as guest rooms and whole house rentals, that would be sold/provided through sites such as AirBNB, VRBO, etc.

A short term rental permit is required for any lodging providers in the Town of Eagle. These permits are due annually by December 31st. There is no fee for a short term rental permit. 

All lodging tax is remitted directly to the Town of Eagle. Lodging Tax Forms must be filled out regardless if any income was generated and remittance forms are due by the 10th of the month for the preceding month.

All short term rental permits, lodging tax forms, and remittances will be processed online through our partner provider; GovOS (formerly known as MuniRevs). More information will be sent to all lodging providers via mail and/or email, but if you do not receive yours, please contact the Town directly by emailing

In addition, a Town of Eagle business license is required for all lodging providers. More information is provided through GovOS's website, but if you have specific questions, please contact the Town Clerk at

To log onto GovOS, click the link below: