ReCode Eagle: Land Use and Development Code Update

Welcome to ReCode Eagle! 

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The Town of Eagle is undergoing a comprehensive update to the Land Use and Development Code (zoning and subdivision regulations) for the first time since 1976, when the LUDC was first adopted. This community-based effort will be focused on preparing a code that:

  • Implements the goals and policies of the Elevate Eagle Comprehensive Plan (Amended 2021),
  • Reflects complete and internally consistent regulations,
  • Updates the current regulations to address important local priorities and reflect community development preferences, and
  • Is more efficient and user-friendly.

Community involvement and inclusive public engagement is a key component of ReCode Eagle. There will be various opportunities for the community to provide ideas and feedback as we progress through the modules. 

Eagle's new LUDC will be drafted in a series of installments (referred to as "modules") shown on the project timeline below.Project Timeline 2021

About the Drafting Process

Code drafts can be dense, and sometimes getting all of the instructions "just right" requires discussion, feedback, and revisions. ReCode Eagle is designed to give project participants a manageable amount of information with each module in a process that builds the new code with each round of review.

Everybody is invited to submit comments and if you'd like, join a meeting to discuss any of the drafts. Draft documents and upcoming meeting details will be made available on the Town of Eagle website, posted at various community-friendly locations, and distributed via email. The Town will also work with Vail Daily and local radio stations to keep everybody informed about how the project is going. 

The project starts with the creation of a Code Assessment. The Code Assessment identifies the current regulations that need to be updated, explores how to make those updates, and shares a roadmap of how the LUDC will be reorganized. 

Learn More: LUDC Committee, Project Materials, and Drafts

As new Code drafts become available, the Town will post documents and resources below. Meeting information related to the LUDC Committee will be available on the Town's website, HERE. LUDC Committee meetings are open to the public and community members are encouraged to attend and provide input.

Land Use and Development Code Update Committee
Current Version of Title 4 | Town of Eagle Municipal Code 

Project Timeline, Materials, and Drafts

Overview report to identify needed updates and proposed LUDC organization. The current sign code will also be updated at the start of the project. Due to the information-gathering nature of this phase, public engagement was limited and targeted toward a specific group of community influencers (see pg. 10 of the Assessment). 

2. MODULE 1 
Zoning districts, allowed uses, and standards that regulate those uses. 

3. MODULE 2 
Development standards that regulate. Public engagement dates to be announced.

  1. Requirements on an individual lot, such as landscaping and parking;
  2. Connections to Town facilities including water, sewer, sidewalks, and streets;
  3. Features permitted on a lot, such as signs and outdoor light; and
  4. Subdivision layout and design.

4. MODULE 3  
Administration and procedures for project and permit review. Public engagement dates to be announced.

First full draft of LUDC for review and comment. Public engagement dates to be announced. 

Second full draft LUDC that is taken through the public adoption process. Public engagement dates to be announced. 

We Want to Hear From You!

Resident input is vitally important to ensure the Town's new Code incorporates the community's vision. Residents, property owners and businesses will have many opportunities to get involved and provide feedback. Click below to provide your questions and comments or if you wish to be added to the ReCode Eagle email list. 

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