Property Transfer Information

The Town of Eagle requires notice of closing from title companies when transferring ownership of a property within the Town of Eagle.

The Town of Eagle currently only has a Real Estate Transfer Assessment (RETA) for a few subdivisions. Specific guidance on the RETA will be coming soon. In the meantime, please reach out to Town staff with any questions (970-328-6354). Properties in unincorporated areas of Eagle may have a transfer tax or fee through Eagle County.

Please contact the Eagle County Housing Department 970.328.8770 for information regarding their fees. 

Properties in Eagle Ranch may also have a transfer tax, please contact Eagle Ranch Homeowners Association at 970.328.2170.

All transfer information must be submitted to the Town of Eagle at least five (5) business days prior to date of transfer (closing). Please provide notification to the Town of Eagle at

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a property not being transferred on the appropriate date.

Closing Date Change

Timely notification to the Town of Eagle of a canceled and or re-scheduled closing is the responsibility of the Owner/Purchaser Representative (Title Company) of the property.

For cases in which a closing date is canceled or delayed, please notify the Town of Eagle at least 24 hours in advance at Timely notification helps avoid inaccurate final meter reads and completes transfer of service on the appropriate date.

Transfer of Service Form

You may request a Transfer of Service Form by contacting or 970.328.6354. 

The Town of Eagle is to be notified whenever properties are purchased or sold. Title companies will provide the Town of Eagle with information necessary to transfer water service from the seller to the buyer; including the current owner’s forwarding address and purchaser’s current mailing address. For information regarding a bank owned property, please contact the Town of Eagle.

For Property Owners

The title company completes a Transfer of Service form and forwards it to the Town of Eagle. The Town of Eagle then estimates the final bill to the title company. The title company escrows that amount from the seller at closing.  If the estimated escrow is under the amount of the final bill, the owner is still responsible for any remaining balance on the account after closing. Any surplus monies collected at closing are refunded to the seller by the title company after the final bill is paid.

Final bills are based upon a meter reading taken on the closing date. Unless the Town of Eagle is notified of a delay in closing, the account is transferred from the seller to the buyer on the date of closing. Sellers are encouraged to call the Town of Eagle office several business days before the scheduled closing to confirm the closing date and that the title company has contacted the Town of Eagle.

Customers who are not using a local title company need to contact the Town of Eagle’s office for information on transferring water and/or sewer service, bank owned properties, short sales, liens and or any other questions, please contact us at 970.328.6354.

For Property Buyers

Once you close on your new home, please be sure to contact us and let us know your contact information (phone number, email, mailing address). We have various payment methods available to our residents. If you are considering paying online via Xpress Bill Pay, this cannot be set up until after you have received your first physical bill. For more information about the Town of Eagle, please check out our Welcome Packets.

If the home you are purchasing has trash service, please confirm prior to closing that the previous owner has left the trash/recycling bins (1 trash bin, 2 recycling bins). Trash and recycling bins are property of the Town. If the previous owner did not leave the bins, replacement bins will need to be provided which will be charged to your account. Please be sure to negotiate the price of replacement bins in your closing purchase price. Trash bins are $50 for a used bin (if available) or $90 for a new. Recycling bins are $20 each (total of $40).