The Town of Eagle is responsible for providing the water, wastewater (sewer), and contracted trash services for the residents and businesses within Town limits and water service to nearby residential developments in unincorporated Eagle County.

Utility Increases

Water utility Increases are planned for in 2018 in anticipation of construction of the Lower Basin Water Treatment Plan. This began with recommended 5% annual increases in 2005. 2018 Water rates have not been finalized. The 2018 Sewer Service and Refuse/Recycle increases were passed on December 18th. 

 Residential 2017   2018
Base Water 35.29  35.29
Yard Waste Fee 2.00  2.00
Base Sewer 53.36  56.02
Admin Fee  1.00  1.00
Base Trash 24.06  24.81
Monthly Bill  $115.71  $119.12

Other Local Utilities