Short-Term Rental Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Short-Term Rental?

A Short-Term Rental, also known as a vacation rental, is the rental of a legally-licensed dwelling unit for periods of less than 30 consecutive days per occurrence. A Short-Term Rental Permit as well as a Town of Eagle Business License is required prior to advertising and renting your property.

Who needs to apply for a Short-Term Rental Permit/Business License?

Any owner renting a property for a period of 30 consecutive days or less is required to apply for a Short-Term Rental Permit and Business License. It is the owner(s)’ responsibility to know and comply with all ordinances, resolutions and regulations that apply to short term rentals within the Town of Eagle.

What if I do not obtain a Short-Term Rental Permit?

Renting or advertising your home for rent on a short-term basis without a permit and business license is in violation of the Town of Eagle’s ordinances and subject to enforcement processes as provided for in Town Code.

What is the Lodging Tax?

This is a 6% tax on your gross short-term rents not already remitted by an intermediary. Hotels also pay this tax. Gross short-term rent includes all consideration received for occupancy including all non-optional fees (other than taxes) such as booking/reservation fees; cleaning fees; pet charges; fees for extra vehicles, people or beds; etc.; and any amounts received from Lodging intermediaries.

When is the Lodging Tax due?

Lodging Tax payments are due monthly no later than the 10th of the month following the end of the prior month. If there was no rental activity for the entire month, you are still required to submit the completed Lodging Tax form.

How is penalty and interest calculated on late payments?

PENALTIES: Delinquent one month, the penalty is the min of $10 or 10% of the tax due.

INTEREST: 1.5% of taxes due per month or portion of month beginning the first day of delinquency

Do I also need to obtain a separate business license?

Yes. Once your Short Term Rental permit has been approved, you will be directed to get your Town of Eagle business license through the Town Clerk.

What is the cost of an STR Permit?

There is no fee for the STR Permit, however there is a fee for your Town of Eagle business license.

Does my short-term rental permit apply to multiple properties?

No. You are only allowed to short-term rent one dwelling unit per license in the Town of Eagle. An owner is permitted a maximum of one “whole home” rental and one “partial home” rental but each STR requires its own permit. The Town of Eagle business license, however, does apply to multiple rentals (i.e. one “whole home” and one “partial home”).

Do I have to display my permit?

Yes. The STR Permit must all be posted in a conspicuous place within the short-term rental unit at all times. Your STR permit PDF can be found in the Business Center by clicking your account name under "Manage Your Account(s)".

Is the Town working with Airbnb?

No. Airbnb does not collect or remit lodgers’ tax to the Town of Eagle on behalf of property owners and/or authorized agents.

Is the Town working with Vrbo?

No. Vrbo does not collect or remit lodgers’ tax to the Town of Eagle on behalf of property owners and/or authorized agents.

 Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! We are able to take Visa and Mastercard. The Town of Eagle does not assess a convenience fee but your credit card company might impose a fee.

Can I pay by e-check?

Yes! You can select your e-check during checkout. In doing so, you authorize you bank to send the payment electronically to the Town of Eagle. The Town does not pull the money from your account, ever.

I need to close my account. What do I do?

Please email the Town of Eagle at Please include the closure date and the reason you are closing the account.

How do I amend a return?

Please email letting us know you need to file an amended return. In the email please include:

1) What Town the amendment is for along with your six digit license/account number, and owner name

2) Period you need to amend (i.e. Q1 2021 form due April 30th)

3) If you overpaid or underpaid your original form

4) Brief explanation as to why the form needs to be amended

Once we receive this email we will review your account and send you further instructions.