Starting in November 2021 Regular Municipal Elections for the Town of Eagle will be held on the first Tuesday of November of each odd numbered year. Voters select the Mayor and Town Board members to serve 4-year terms. The Mayor Pro Tem is appointed by the Board at the first regular meeting held after the election.

To vote in Town of Eagle elections, one must be 
a citizen of the United States, be at least 18 years of age on or before the election, have resided in the town limits of Eagle at least 30 days before the election, and have registered to vote. Register to vote or to verify that your voter registration is accurate.



I.          Purpose.

The purpose of this Policy is to specify the circumstances under which the Town Clerk disburses information regarding elections and how this information will be communicated to electors, candidates, and other interested parties.

II.         Procedure.

A.         General.  All relevant information regarding elections, including without limitation dates, candidate names, registration information, and ballot content, will be available on the Town's website at appropriate times.

B.         Limitations.  The Town Clerk and Town staff are not responsible for providing any additional information regarding candidates, including write-in candidates, beyond that which is required by law.  The Town Clerk will not prepare a biography or summary regarding any candidate or ballot issue unless otherwise required by law.

III.        Applicability.

This Policy applies to all Town elections, including, without limitation, regular, general, special, coordinated, mail ballot, and polling place elections.  For other elections related to the Town, such as special district elections, the Town Clerk will provide as much information as possible on the Town's website. Still, interested persons are encouraged to contact the entity holding the election for more information.