Strategic Plan


This Strategic Plan (the Plan) has been updated for the community of Eagle by the Town Council and staff during an annual retreat. It establishes a common language and proposes strategies designed to ensure a bright future for Eagle. Specifically, this Plan creates the following outcomes:

  • Establishes a 5-year planning horizon, and provides the basis for an ongoing dialogue between the staff, Town Council, and the community regarding the direction of the Town and specific objectives
  • Identifies the major challenges and opportunities likely to arise during the planning horizon and proposes specific objectives to address these challenges
  • Increases confidence among Eagle’s Council, community leaders, and residents that the Town is appropriately addressing, opportunities, future risks, and needed investments  
  • Ensures that proposed strategies and activities are consistent with Town’s mission and values, especially the commitment to enhance quality of life
  • Provides sufficient information to allow the Town’s staff to develop more specific objectives and tasks, and ultimately fulfill Eagle’s Vision for the future

It is important to emphasize that this Strategic Plan does not approve or communicate final policy decisions on specific issues or objectives. Rather, it provides a framework for an ongoing dialogue about maintaining and enhancing quality of life in Eagle. Each of the Major Objectives in this Plan will require additional collaboration by the Town’s staff, advice from experts, and input from the community before the Council make final policy or investment decisions. Outreach efforts on the River Park project, and upcoming outreach on the new water treatment plant are examples. The Town will provide ample opportunities for citizens to be engaged in the dialogue as specific issues are addressed.