Parking Tickets

What to do if you get a parking ticket in Eagle?

Note the date on the ticket. You have 20 days from that date to pay. If you wish to come to court instead, you must appear on the date written.

If you cannot attend court on the date of appearance listed on your ticket you may request one continuance by US mail or email.  Additional continuance requests must be submitted in writing for the Judge to review. Additional court costs may apply.

If you are unable to come back to Eagle for your court date you may request a Waiver and Guilty Plea by Mail.  This request must be submitted in writing before your scheduled court date to Additional court costs may apply.

If you do not pay or appear, you will receive a letter from the court stating the final due date and amount due before it is sent to collections.  You are requested to make payment via check or cash only via US Mail (PO Box 609 Eagle CO 81631) or by dropping off a check in the Town’s drive-through payment drop box located in the rear parking lot of Town Hall. DO NOT DROP OFF CASH. Any questions should be directed to RiAnne Davis, Municipal Court Clerk at, or by calling 970-328-9629. 

If payment is not received by the due date in the letter, it will be sent to collections and a 25% collections fee will be added to the total. 

Any questions, please contact us at 970-328-9629.

Parking Ticket