Grand Avenue Corridor Plan

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March 25, 2021 | Project Kick-Off Event: 
Get started with the Grand Avenue Project Kick-off Webinar. 

April 8, 2021 | Virtual Walking Tour:
Planning Streets as Places - Virtual Walk & Talk.

July 15-20, 2021 | Public Event - Design Charrette:
Read the Design Charrette Summary.

October 7, 2021 | Public Event - Progress Meeting:
Download the progress meeting graphics and overall plan to preview the design concepts.

January 31, 2022 | Public Event - Town Council Work Session & Update Meeting:
Members of the design team, stakeholder group, and staff presented a technical overview of Phase 1 & 2 accomplishments along with action items for the project's final phase. Review the presentation materials here.

June 28, 2022 | Public Event - Town Council Meeting:
An update to Town Council on the development of the Corridor Plan through Phase 3. Review the presentation materials here.

August 9, 2022 | Public Event - Town Council Meeting:
An update to Town Council on the adjusted cost estimate. Review the presentation materials here.

The plan site is U.S. Highway 6 from the Eby Creek roundabout on the east to the Town’s western edge. The road is bordered by rural residential zoning and the Union Pacific Railroad running parallel on the north, with the Eagle River just beyond. On the south is Eagle’s historic Downtown, along Broadway Ave, and a mix of commercial and low-density residential through the center of town and into the West Eagle neighborhoods. Some state and county facilities are along this route, as well as some new residential development planned along the route and to the southwest of the Sylvan Lake roundabout. The Haymeadow development south of the planned site has a requirement to construct a Brush Creek Road extension which will intersect US Hwy 6 roughly in the middle of the plan site.

The Town recently received control of this portion of Highway 6 from the Colorado Department of Transportation and is now responsible for infrastructure and maintenance costs. The current state of the infrastructure is poor, and the Town anticipates the need to improve water, wastewater, stormwater, communications, electrical, and lighting infrastructure along this route. The Town has also had exploratory conversations about locating a commuter rail stop and pedestrian tunnel to Downtown in Town-owned land on the north of US Hwy 6.

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Agendas, minutes, and meeting information for the Grand Avenue Stakeholder Committee meetings will be available on the Town's website, HERE.
The project began in October 2020 and is generally separated into three six-month phases, though some may overlap.

Phase 1 - January 2021- April 2021
Information gathering, public outreach, site and inventory analysis, and setting the guiding principles.

Phase 2 - April 2021 - October 2021
Concept planning and charrettes, scenario modeling, and community engagement.

Phase 3 - November 2021 - April 2022
Preliminary design, preferred scenario modeling, implementation and phasing plan, and community engagement.

Grand Avenue Corridor Plan Related Documents

Meet the Grand Avenue Stakeholder Committee


Anne McKibbin

Ms. McKibbin has lived full time in Eagle since 1988 and worked for the same company here since 1981. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and University of Colorado, and her career and education have been and remain as an archaeologist. She served two terms on the Town of Eagle’s Planning and Zoning Commission, followed by two terms on the Town Board, the last term of which was as Mayor. With partner Steve, a retired land surveyor, she lives in the Terrace neighborhood.

Dan Brown

Mr. Dan B. Brown, CP, CPG is the founder and President of Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc., which he started in 1999. Mr. Brown is a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) with the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) a national licensure; and is a Certified Professional (CP) with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under its Voluntary Action Program (VAP). Mr. Brown focuses his practice on providing advice in transactions involving environmentally impacted properties, and specializing in Brownfields. He is regularly sought as an Expert in litigation matters involving environmental contamination impacts. He is a past elected official in Orange Village, Ohio where he served as a Councilperson and Council President for over 11 years. He has had an active role in the non-profit community including serving as a Trustee for the Chagrin River Watershed Partners (CRWP), as an Advisory Board member of the Cuyahoga River Area of Concern (AOC), and as the Chairman of the Cuyahoga County Sewage Appeals Board. In 2019, he relocated to Eagle, CO with his family and is expanding his company’s presence into Colorado. In addition to serving on this stakeholder committee, he also represents the Town of Eagle Chamber of Commerce on their Board of Directors and is a participating member of the Colorado River Water Basin Roundtable. An avid skier and mountain biker, he can often be found going up or down the trails in the Eagle Valley.

Jamie Harrison


Jamie Harrison has been a resident of Eagle for 8 years. He previously served on the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, and he currently serves as volunteer coordinator for the Eagle Ranch Wildlife Committee. Prior to moving to Eagle, he practiced law and mediation on the Front Range, specializing in both family and environmental matters. When not at the office, you are likely to find Jamie either on a local river with a fishing rod in hand or on the ski slopes.

Kevin Profile Pic

Kevin Sharkey

I am honored to be serving on the Grand Avenue Stakeholder Group for the Town of Eagle. I hold B.S. and M.S. degrees from Colorado School of Mines and am a licensed Professional Engineer. I was a staff engineer for the Town of Eagle from 2004 to 2017, which included work on the West Eagle Sub-Area Plan and the Haymeadow PUD. I now work for Eagle County ECO Trails. My primary focus is overseeing the completion of the Eagle Valley Trail from Glenwood Springs to Vail Pass. Our most recent accomplishment is the newly constructed Eagle to Horn Ranch Open Space segment.

I moved to Eagle in 2003 with my wife, Kim. We have two active children, a 15-year old daughter at Eagle Valley High School and a 13-year old son at Eagle Valley Middle School.

Kim Bradley headshot 2-2021

Kim Fritzler

Originally from Southern California, Kim moved to the Front Range and went to Bear Creek H and then graduated from Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO in 1997. Kim moved to Eagle in 2000 and has been with Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate in several different facets, but most recently as a Realtor since 2008 and Branch Manager in the Eagle office Since 2016. She has successfully launched and managed the sales of real estate developments including Brush Creek Village Townhomes, Soleil Homes at Brush Creek, Hawks Nest and Mountain Gateway. Team K2 is the fine oiled machine that keeps things rolling and they have been recognized over the years by SSF for ‘Top Number of Transactions’, ‘Marketer of the “Year’, ‘The Community Service Award’ and ‘Broker’s Choice Award’. Team K2 is an incredible business collaboration with Kelly Moser & TJ Davis. Kim loves calling Eagle, CO home and is married to Scott Fritzler and together they have 5 grown children.

Kristen Miller Pic
Kristen Miller


Martha Miller

Martha moved to Eagle County in 1992 and after living in several communities in the valley, settled in Eagle in 2005. She loves the small town feel, sense of community, and work/life balance. Eagle is where she raised her two children, now 18 and 20.

Martha is excited to be part of and Chair the Grand Avenue Stakeholder Committee. Martha spent the past 21 years of her 32 year career working for the Department of Transportation where she advanced from design to Program Engineer and had the privilege of delivering transportation projects in 5 counties (Eagle, Lake, Summit, Jackson and Grand). She looks forward to bringing her transportation and collaborative decision making experience to the group. Martha’s goal is to use the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions that focuses on creating a project within the context of the community. She values input from others and believes the best projects are created from a team with diverse ideas. Her vision when joining the group is for the project to accommodate all aspects of transportation (automobile, bike, ped, bus); put a strong emphasis on protecting the environment including wildlife; allow for economic growth; and building collaboration from businesses and community.


Shane Dickman

Shane’s idea of a good time is a moonlight skin up the mountain or a float down one of the local rapid rivers. Shane is driven by an endless desire to succeed and is passionate about his vision. Shane began his entrepreneurial journey early in life with his brother delivering flyers up and down the streets. Life later guided him to Western State College for an undergrad degree in business administration and a full-ride football scholarship. Shane is a visionary leader; he is always looking at what the community/consumer needs are and is first to offer a unique product/service. He started a successful local lawn service in college to support his student-athlete “studies”! When that journey ended, he found his new place with his current business partner, and once again brother, to collectively build the High Country Kombucha brand from the ground up. 14 years later, Shane now leads operations and is the heart and soul of the company. He inspires, challenges, and infuses passion into his staff, Shane’s work ethic and vision make everyone around him engaged and excited for the future. With Shane, you never know what is next . . . I guess you will have to wait and see!


Tony Powell

I grew up in Eagle and have always loved living here. My wife and I have two kids and we love to do and take part in all of the things that make Eagle a wonderful place to live. I have a professional engineering license in civil engineering and work in the water resources management field. My main interests outside of my family include hiking, skiing, biking, being on our various rivers and lakes, and enjoying the community of Eagle.

The Grand Avenue Corridor Plan Team:

Grand Ave Corridor Plan ZAA Team

The Grand Avenue Corridor Project is a diverse, multi-faced, and complex project that requires a range of experts in varying fields. Strategically and from afar, we have convened a team that offers both long-standing presence and intimate familiarity with the Town of Eagle, as well as expert outside professionals who will bring a fresh set of eyes and a new look at the Town and the Grand Avenue corridor based on their experiences working in a variety of similar communities. The project team includes:

From the Town of Eagle:

  • Janet Bartnik, Appointed Council Liaison
  • Ellen Bodenhemier, Appointed Council Liaison
  • Kevin Brubeck, Economic Vitality Committee Chair
  • Chad Phillips, Community Development Director & Town Planner
  • Dennis Wike, Town Engineer
  • Tom Gosiorowski, Public Works Director

Project Consultant/Community Planning and Design

  • Zehren and Associates – Avon, Colorado
    1. Pedro Campos and Jesse Gregg 

Civil Engineering

  • Alpine Engineering, Inc. – Edwards, Colorado
    1. Gary Brooks, Rosa Foth

Traffic Engineering and Mobility

  • McDowell Engineering – Eagle, Colorado
    1. Kari McDowell Schroeder, Greg Schroeder

Economic Planning

  • Economic Planning Systems – Denver, Colorado
    1. Andrew Knudsten and Sarah Dunmire

Community Engagement and Active Mobility

  • Terra Soma – Minneapolis, MN
    1. Samantha Thomas

Additional Consultants include SGM for professional land surveying and MTJ for roundabout engineering.