Open Space Management Plans


In 2023, the Town of Eagle adopted four Open Space Management Plans that will guide stewardship strategies for all open space properties owned by the Town of Eagle. The Plans are intended to be living documents that will be updated at least every 5 years and include continued community input. 

The purpose of the Management Plans is to provide an assessment of existing natural resources and to guide resource management of properties in the Town’s open space portfolio. More specifically, the Management Plans document existing conditions, highlight resource management issues, and identify strategies to address resource management issues and maintain the overall integrity of resources on open space properties. The plans also prioritize management recommendations that help to achieve management objectives. 

Some of the primary resource issues evaluated in the plans include noxious weed management, rare and endangered species management, overall vegetation management, revegetation and restoration of impaired areas, wildlife habitat conservation and management, raptor protection, pest management, and recreation management.    

Development of the Plans was identified as a high priority need from the Town's Open Space and Trails Master Plan that was adopted in 2022. 

  1. Brian Lieberman

    Open Space Manager