Open Space and Trail Information

Current Trail Conditions and Notices 

6/6/2022 EAGLE AREA TRAILS UPDATE: Most trails in the Eagle area are dry. Higher elevation trails in the Hardscrabble/ West Eagle and Yeoman Park/ Sylvan Lake area may still be muddy and snowy. If you encounter significant mud or snow at any point, please be a responsible trail user and turn around. Keep in mind, this report is not updated every time it rains throughout the summer. If trails are muddy, please allow them time to dry out before riding. 

As always, please be respectful of wildlife – give them space and do not approach them. Last, please keep dogs on a leash while using Town of Eagle trails and open space!

Thank you!

Trail Maps and Information

Trail maps and information about trails and recreational opportunities in the Eagle area can be found on the 
Eagle Outside website.

Open Space and Trail Rules

  • Observe all seasonal wildlife closures 
  • No littering, Pack it in—Pack it out!
  • Respect the land and tread lightly 
  • Obey all posted rules and regulations
  • Stay on the trail! Use open designated trails only—no off trail riding
  • A muddy trail is a closed trail. If you are leaving tracks, turn back
  • Pets are required to be on leash within the Town Boundary except for the Eagle Dog Park 
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Never scare or harass wildlife or cattle - Slow down and give them extra room
  • Practice trail courtesy and yield to other trail users 
  • Plan ahead and be prepared—know the area, your equipment and your ability

Eagle Area Seasonal Wildlife Closure Information

As a reminder, certain trails, open space properties, and public lands in the Eagle area are subject to seasonal wildlife closures.  In the winter, deer and elk are stressed while trying to walk through deep snow searching for limited food in cold temperatures.  Their energy reserves are low and stress can negatively impact winter survival rates and birth rates. If you encounter deer or elk in open space or urban areas, please do not approach them or force them to move due to your presence.

Closed to all use December 15 – April 15
  • Horton Street Trailhead (School House Rock trail)
  • Silver Spur Trailhead (includes: Abrams Ridge, Abrams Gulch, Abrams Creek, and Kill Bill) 
  • Hernage Gulch
  • LOV Connection Trail 
  • Arroyo Trailhead (includes: Third Gulch, Bailey’s, Second Gulch, Mayer Gulch, Turniphead, and Wall)
  • Third Loop of Haymaker (including Extra Credit) 
  • Most open space properties in the Eagle Ranch PUD
Closed to wheeled vehicles and bikes December 1 – April 15 
  • Pool & Ice Descent
  • Dirt Surfer 
  • Will's Thrill 
  • Hillbilly 
  • Belly Up 
  • Adam's Way
  • Road Gulch
Closed to wheeled vehicles and bikes January 16 – April 15 
Hardscrabble Mountain/ West Eagle trails and roads are closed to wheeled vehicles and bicycles from Jan 16 - April 15. Once access is closed from the Town of Eagle (starting Dec 15), access to the Hardscrabble area is only permitted by the BLM from Gypsum via the gate on Spring Creek Road. 
Trails that are OPEN to non-motorized recreation year round:
  • Boneyard
  • Redneck Ridge
  • Bellyache Road
  • Haymaker Trail (loops 1 and 2 only - do not go past the seasonal closure gate)
  • Town of Eagle and Eagle Ranch paved recreation paths
  • Eagle Ranch golf course – Please observe signage posted by the HOA and golf course personnel
Town of Eagle Spud Cellar Property 
Dubbed the Spud Cellar property in recognition of the structure that was once located in this area, this parcel was part of the expanse of working ranches that stretched from the Town south through the Brush Creek Valley. Today, the property provides a safe heaven for wildlife between the Town and nearby residential areas. As the Town strives to balance recreation and protection of wildlife habitat, we ask that the public avoid this parcel to protect important wildlife habitat. To learn more about the property and efforts to protect this important community resource, please visit the Eagle Valley Land Trust website

Assistance or Help

  • Emergency - Call 911
  • Report a Violation - Eagle Police 970-328-6351, (after hours call dispatch 970-479-2204)
  • BLM - 970-947-2800
  • Open Space and Trails Information - Town of Eagle, 970-328-6542

Open Space Management Objectives

  • Conserve Natural Characteristics
  • Protect Critical Wildlife Habitat
  • Maintain Scenic Qualities
  • Provide Appropriate Recreational Opportunities