Long-Range Planning Projects

01.2 - EACP Cover Photo Eagle Area Community Plan (adopted 2010)

The Eagle Area Community Plan was jointly adopted by both the Town of Eagle and Eagle County.  It covers an extensive area which includes the incorporated lands within the Town of Eagle, as well as unincorporated lands surrounding the Town boundaries.  The entire drainage of both Brush Creek and Eby Creek which extend south and north of town are included, as are significant acreages along the Eagle River and Interstate 70 east and west of town.  The Plan is intended to work as an extension of the Eagle County Comprehensive Master Plan; providing planners, officials, landowners and developers with policies and strategies to help formulate land use plans and guide decision making over the course of the next 5 to 10 years.  It is a community based plan that reflects the vision, concerns, ideas and desires of local residents; as determined through the planning process.

02.2 - West Eagle Sub Area Plan Cover Photo West Eagle Sub Area Plan (adopted 2011)

The purpose of the West Eagle Sub Area Plan is to encourage mixed use development including live-work arrangements in the area between Highway and the Brush Creek Open Space from the Bull Pasture Subdivision to Sylvan Lake Road.  This Plan will provide direction to the Town in regard to the planning and construction of capital improvements and land use decision making.

03.2 - BC Watershed Management PlanBrush Creek Watershed Management Plan (adopted 2011)

The Town of Eagle is situated in the lower Brush Creek watershed near its confluence with the Eagle River.  The watershed gives rise to Brush Creek, a high quality mountain stream that provides essential municipal, domestic and agricultural water supplies to area residents.  The 145 square mile basin ranges in elevation from 13,360 feet in its headwaters region to 6,520 feet near Town.  The watershed is ecologically diverse and supports a variety of indigenous plant and wildlife species.  This diversity creates an attractive residential setting and provides Town residents with recreational opportunities.  The Plan looks to maintain Brush Creek's distinctive environmental diversity and aquatic environment.

10.2 - Eagle River Watershed PlanEagle River Watershed Plan (2013)

The purpose of the Eagle River Watershed Plan is to outline a collaborative local philosophy for protecting and improving water quantity, water quality, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities, and to promote compatible and complimentary land use strategies, actions and practices.  The Plan is primarily focused on defining steps that can be taken to ensure the desirable attributes of the watershed are protected and enhanced as Eagle County continues to grow.  It provides a long term vision for the Eagle River and Colorado River in Eagle County.

04.2 - River Corridor Plan Cover PhotoEagle River Corridor Plan (adopted 2015)

The Eagle River Corridor Plan establishes a clear, comprehensive set of principles to guide future growth of the town along the Eagle River.  These principles reflect the desire of the community to connect the town with the river, while preserving the resource for future generations.  A desired outcome of the Plan is public and private sector development along the river corridor that strengthens the connection between the Town of Eagle and the Eagle River.

08.2 - Housing Needs Assessment Cover PhotoEagle County Housing Needs Assessment (2016)

A County-wide plan that examines the assumptions made in the previous Housing Needs Assessments in 2007 and 2012 and updates the data for conditions up until 2016.  Economic conditions in the United States, Colorado, and Eagle County have changed drastically since 2007-2008.  Eagle County has gone from full employment (unemployment under 3%) to a rate of almost 9% unemployment in 2010, back to 3% in 2015.  This see-saw of economic conditions has affected the housing market in Eagle County.

05.2 - Climate Action Plan Cover PhotoClimate Action Plan (2017)

The Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community is the culmination of a year long effort that included more than 30 community stakeholders.  Their tasks were to develop targets for the reduction of GHG emissions for the entire community within Eagle County and to identify and prioritize projects and policies by sector that will help the community achieve those targets.

06.2 - Strategic Plan Cover PhotoTown of Eagle Strategic Plan (adopted 2017)

The Strategic Plan has been prepared for the citizens of Eagle by the employees of the Town in collaboration with the Board of Trustees.  It establishes a common language and proposes strategies designed to ensure a bright future for Eagle.  Specifically, this Plan creates the following outcomes:  establishes a 5-year planning horizon; identifies the major challenges and opportunities likely to arise during the planning horizon; increases confidence among Eagle's Trustees, community leaders, and residents that the Town is appropriately addressing opportunities, future risks, and needed investments; ensures that proposed strategies and activities are consistent with Town's mission and values, especially the commitment to enhance quality of life; and provides sufficient information to allow the Town's staff to develop more specific objectives and tasks, and ultimately fulfill Eagle's Vision for the future.

07.2 - Downtown Parking Plan Cover PhotoTown of Eagle Downtown Parking Study (2017)

Eagle is a rural mountain community experiencing the growth occurring in many of Colorado's small towns.  The Town is facing a number of issues common to small municipalities undergoing change.  The public perceives a shortage of parking in the downtown core; additionally, several recent development projects have been unable to meet the Town's off-street parking requirements.  As a result, the Town is interested in not only understanding existing  public and private parking conditions in its 13-block downtown core, but also evaluating current off-street parking requirements and identifying best practices for managing and operating the downtown parking supply.

09.2 - State Demographic Profile for Town of Eagle Cover PhotoTown of Eagle Community Profile - Colorado Department of Local Affairs

This demographic profile is a summary of trends in a community.  The population base and trends of an area determine the needs for housing, schools, roads and other services.  The age, income, race and ethnicity, and migration of the population of a community are all vital in planning for service provisions.  The most significant demographic transitions for Colorado and its communities are related to disparate growth, aging, downward pressure on income, and growing racial and ethnic diversity.

11.2 - Eagle - Healthy Communities CoalitionHealthy Communities Coalition Policy Scan

This project is a policy scan of the municipalities in Eagle County and unincorporated Eagle County.  The policy scan looks specifically at the following topics:  Healthy Food Access, Active Transportation and Public Transit, Community Design and Land Use.  The policy scan also highlights the following:  initiatives, programs, resolutions, community engagement, and major accomplishments.  The Plan4Health project is designed to leverage Planners' roles as collaborators and conveners to improve health outcomes and influence healthy community design in the built environment.  Plan4Health supports creative partnerships to build sustainable, cross-sector coalitions.  Each coalition participating in the Plan4Health grant is committed to increasing access to healthy opportunities through nutrition or physical activity.  And, each coalition is dedicated to meeting the needs of the residents where they live, work, or play.

Pages from Eagle-Community-Assessment-Report-2019 Opens in new windowDowntown Assessment (2019)

In the Spring of 2019, the Town of Eagle requested a community assessment from Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) in conjunction with DCI’s Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program.  The Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program is a unique team building accelerator created in 2017 that focuses on establishing a plan of work and proposal to engage public, private, and non-profit partners to address a significant community challenge over the course of twelve months. The Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program works to transform the community’s challenge into an opportunity: to establish a proposal, financing approach, and team of community partners ready to implement. The program includes five phases of planning and development that helps our Colorado communities establish a plan for community-wide initiatives that foster sustainable community and economic development. The phases include: Community Selection, Team Building, Challenge Studio, Pitch Development, and Program Continuation. 

Pages from Haymaker Trailhead Campus Master Plan - Final Opens in new windowHaymaker Trailhead Master Plan (2020)

The Town of Eagle (‘Town’) and Mountain Recreation (‘Mtn Rec’) desire to create a plan to address the current and future recreation needs for the growing population within Eagle. The Town selected a team of consultants including Norris Design and Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture to lead the process which consisted of inventory and analysis, public engagement, conceptual design and creation of the final master plan document and supportive graphics.